“Before Moss Rose I didn’t feel that I had a purpose. I had nowhere to go and socialise and I had no friends to hang out with. I would also get envious of my family members who would be getting up and having a full day in work and just being able to say they have been to work. I would also suffer with my mental health and didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. 

One of the biggest things that I would find difficult before working at Moss Rose was that I would be tired when all I had done was sit at home all day. I couldn’t justify my tiredness.

Moss Rose has allowed me to have a reason to get up in the morning because my favourite sentence’s that I am now able to say are I have got work in the morning, I am going to work or even sorry I am not available I am in work.  I know the last one might sound a bit of an odd thing to like saying but any sentence that explains I am in work means a lot to me. 

Moss Rose has also allowed me to build on relationships that I have made in the past year as I have been able to do activities in Moss Rose to help me and my ‘colleagues’ the best part of this is that now we become friends as we had so many similarities with barriers, struggles and experiences. 

The greatest thing that I have gained is that I can now say that I have a working life and a social life whereas before I just had a life. I know this may sound a bit strange, but it really does feel like that. I can say things that I couldn’t say before and I feel satisfied when saying them. 

My favourite activity to do in Moss Rose is to problem solve on my laptop such as comparing items that we need to buy. Such as looking at the curry’s website and comparing it to Argos. 

If it wasn’t for Moss Rose Cottage, I would not feel the fulfilment in life that I feel now. Moss Rose is allowing me to have a good and enjoyable structure in life. Moss Rose is what shows me I have a purpose in life I love going to Moss Rose it is one of my favourite places to be. I would also just be sitting at home and doing nothing, if I didn’t come here and I really don’t want to do that as I don’t want my mental health to go back to how it was.”

(Emily-Rose Hurley. 26.1.2022.)



“Before moss rose was an option I felt somewhat isolated, Lost, low self esteem, lack of energy, low moods, fear, shame, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks nervous, anxious, unwanted intrusive thoughts, loss of self, extreme fatigue, unworthy, confused, pain, sleep disturbances I felt unwanted and hopelessness.

I have been coming to Moss rose for the last three weeks, Although it’s been hard pushing myself to attend every week it has given me something to focus on, and I actually look forward to the sessions now. I find that my moods have improved, I now see a future, where  I had no aspirations or goals to aim for, before Moss rose.

I find having a small intimate group, is more beneficial for myself as I feel more comfortable in opening up and talking about issues that affect us both as individuals and as a group.

I am getting so much out of Moss rose both socially and personally. With the tools I am learning from my counselling, alongside the tasks and group interactions at Moss rose, has made me more self reflective and not scared of voicing my fears or Being judged for what I am feeling.

I feel validated as a person, And that it’s OK to feel the way I do and that I’m accepted just the way I am, I feel supported and not isolated and I do feel hopeful for the future.”

Nicci (50) ‘Better than yesterday’ 



“Before I came to Moss Rose Cottage I wasn’t seeing people, I was so isolated.

I realise now that I can do things that I thought I couldn’t. I have been able to share my feelings which I find hard to do. 

It feels good that someone else knows how I am feeling and relate to my problems.”

Lisa (50) ‘Better than Yesterday’



“I cannot speak highly enough about the positive influence Moss Rose’s ‘Better Than Yesterday’ programme has had on my recovery from another health setback in 2022. The environment is non-threatening, encouraging, but most of all, empathetic and non-judging. The focus here is on taking baby steps, establishing routine, and not being overwhelmed by the challenge of a perceived failure, understanding that our feelings are rarely the reality. 

The programme draws on an established body of research to build a heightened awareness of the unhelpful thoughts than can hold us back, whilst teaching us techniques to actively move us forward. It is a practical and highly effective way to grow confidence because the groups are small, allowing for personal discussion, rare to find in another setting. 

I wish a face-to-face intervention like this had been available to me whilst I was employed and contemplating a return to work from various heart surgeries, as the programme provides a pragmatic solution to answering questions like ‘when will I be ready to return?’ The programme offers a benchmark, a gauge to progress and readiness in a way that is completely incomparable to hypothesizing with friends, family, and reporting lines. 

In my opinion, it offers a highly effective bridge to returning to work after unexpected and/or complex health issues, dealing with issues business leaders are not always as equipped to deal with because of the multiple demands on their own time and resources. Done well, I can see an intervention of this type establishing a best-in-class model for re-engaging long-term absentees, as well as offering the potential for preventative action to absence.”

Leigh (45) ‘Better than Yesterday’ 



“Before I started coming to Moss Rose Cottage, I didn’t have any interests that I did regularly. I felt empty. This has given me a purpose, this is my time to reflect on me and my feelings and improve my self esteem, I have enjoyed making new friend and having a laugh. 

The impact of listening to other’s feelings and supporting each other has been helpful to me also, I am grateful that there is no financial cost, that would be a barrier. 

I WANT to come every week.”

Jayne (63) ‘Better than yesterday’