Information for Referrers 

(Please read the following carefully before making any referral to Moss-Rose Cottage)

Our purpose at Moss Rose Cottage

At Moss Rose Cottage we enable adults with ‘invisible’ barriers, ranging from low level mental health problems to brain injuries to; improve their self esteem, socialise with others, trial new hobbies and learn new coping skills/ life skills, whilst supporting the local community and partaking in work experience where appropriate. 

Moss Rose Cottage is ideally suited for those that are looking for a meaningful/purposeful  occupation; those who are willing to share skills and actively engage with others. (We look forward to encouraging people who may find this challenging).

We also support carers by providing a space where they can socialise with others in their situation, access strategies to help them improve their own wellbeing and share up to date advice regarding the various types of support available to the caring community.


What is on offer at Moss-Rose:


A Full and Satisfying Life This 8 week project aims to support people with

  non-visible disabilities including brain injuries to;  


Create the full and satisfying life that they would like to have.

Improve their self-esteem and skill set.

Explore relevant self-help strategies to improve wellness. 

Complete exercises that improve vagal nerve tone.

Provide opportunities to explore new past times and connect with others. 

Have an active role in their local community.

Better than Yesterday This 8 week project aims to enable people to ‘feel better than yesterday’,

improve their emotional wellbeing and self esteem by;


Learning about the importance of wellness and having a purpose/focus in life.

Exploring ways to challenge unhelpful thinking styles.

Explore relevant self-help strategies to improve wellness. 

Engage with Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Discover ways to improve vagal nerve tone.

Provide opportunities to explore new past times and connect with others.  


A Change of Scenery This is a regular social group, where people have the opportunity to; 


Meet and chat with others, play board games, pool, table tennis, try different arts and crafts activities.

Explore relevant self-help strategies to improve wellness. 

Engage with guest speakers and try new past times.


The Healing Garden This is an ongoing group for ‘growing’ therapy which is accessed by tending to our orchard and allotment.

It is also a safe space in which to relax, to regain emotional strength, to find peace in silence and to be surrounded by nature.


We also offer a wide range of ‘occasional days’ where we liaise with other agencies to address specific issues. 


Who can refer to Moss-Rose:

We accept referrals from:

  • Self referrals (Following successful Internal Screening to ensure that we are an appropriate setting for interested individuals,) 
  • GP’s
  • Health care professionals (O.T / P.T / S.W etc)
  • Primary Care Mental Health Professionals
  • Consultants


Moss-Rose current inclusion criteria:

Moss-Rose aims to provide it’s services to as wide a range of people as possible. People who might be experiencing difficulties with;- their mental health, acceptance and adjustment following an acquired brain injury, or other long-term, chronic physical health conditions.


Whilst we will always aim to be as inclusive as possible and will consider each referral on an individual basis, we ask that all referrers note and respect our current exclusion criteria as stated below.


Please note Moss Rose is not wheelchair accessible, therefore, unfortunately, all attendees will need to be independently mobile and self caring.


Moss-Rose current exclusion criteria:

At this time, due to our current level of resource, we are unable to accept referrals for anyone who experiences any of the following:

  • Severe active mental health disorder (Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder)
  • Actively suicidal 
  • Actively self-harming
  • Active drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • Severe neurobehavioural difficulties (physical aggression, sexually inappropriate)